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Garbage and Recycling information

Household Trash is collected every Monday morning.
Recycling is collected every other Monday.
Click HERE to see the Town Calendar of Events for exact pickup dates.

Single-Stream Recycling Guidelines:
How to place items at the curb for pickup.

  • Place all recyclable material in reusable bins. There is no need to separate paper from glass, aluminum, plastic and tin.
  • Do not place recyclables in plastic bags and do not place trash in your recycling bin.
  • Be sure to have recyclables at the curb the night before your collection day or by 6:00 am on your day of collection. Recycling trucks will not return for late set outs.
  • Please keep your reusable bins at least 4 ft away from your trash container.
  • The best solution is to place your recycling and trash cart on opposite sides of your driveway.
  • Reusable bins should be between 15-33 gallons and weigh no more than 50 pounds when set at the curb.
  • Please mark your reusable bin with an Outagamie County Recycling Sticker, available upon request at recycle@co.outagamie.wi.us

What materials are accepted?

  • Newsprint – Magazines – Books (Hard Cover removed)
  • Envelopes of all kinds – Junk Mail – Cardboard
  • Fiberboard – Metal cans – Glass bottles & jars
  • Empty aerosol cans (except for those that contained hazardous materials)
  • Plastic #1 and #2 narrow-necked bottles and jugs. The neck should be smaller than the base or have a screw lid. (Butter tubs, yogurt containers, ice cream pail, etc. are NOT accepted). Please remove caps & lids.
  • Cardboard must be flattened, cut to a size no larger than 3’ X 3’ and secured on windy days.
  • Gift wrap and coated packing paper are NOT recyclable.

For recycling collection issues please call Inland Service Corporation at 920-759-0501

For questions on what to recycle visit www.RecycleMoreOutagamie.org
or call Outagamie County Department of Solid Waste and Recycling at 920-832-5277 option 2.